The SoftRock series, a series of 5 to 8 minute short films, are at once glossy and vulgar, fastidiously disciplined and wildly chaotic. The films are an exercise in the photogenics of sex, exploring the power within the act, both social and aesthetic. The videos have all the predictable pleasures of porn and pop and fashion: processed, repetitive, manufactured visual thrills intended for rapid and casual consumption. The aim is "to create visually pleasing images." The hybrid quality of the films speak to some of the strangely timeless aspects of the mis-en-scene. A pastiche of eighties, nineties, and noughties colours, fabrics, and patterns seem to give visual shape to a nostalgic longing for the sexual allure of decades past. But this isn't nostalgia pure and simple. It is more than that. It is the past, processed and repackaged as the future. Strategic film cuts and close-cropped focus are central to the technique of the artists' work. Inspired by the Zapruder film of President Kennedy's assassination, the artists have cut and focused on the juiciest details, sparing much of the broader panorama that they deemed superfluous. "The camera is meant to have an objective quality," they suggest, revealing an investment in the scrutinising gaze of the camera's lens. The tension between the cold neutrality of the camera's gaze and the heightened intimacy that it records is a crucial part of the viewing experience. The viewer is witness to a crime, an act of sexual violence that has been recorded and produced as a pop confection. (Linkof) The film pieces are a progression, a smooth yet dangerous stumble, into a world of timid abandon, trance, romantic love and S/M. Like all good stories, we present the ritual of relationships. But these relationships grow through increasingly ominous and chaotic sexual encounters. Pain is a constant threat, but it will always be offered to the viewer as decorative and fashionable entertainment, shamelessly pleasing to the eye. Premiered at the George Pompidou in October 2011, as part of ASVOFF ART.

SoftRock I

SoftRock II

SoftRock III